Surprise, Surprise, Surprise: The Iraqi People Strongly Prefer Trump to Clinton

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise: The Iraqi People Strongly Prefer Trump to Clinton

Americans aren’t the only group that is paying close attention to the United States election. In fact, even the people of Iraq have very strong opinions as to who our next President should be. It might even surprise a few of you.

A lot of Americans, (myself included) sometimes forget that we’re not the only people affected by our choice of President. It might be prudent to take into account the opinions of people in foreign nations where we do a lot of business, because they might have a more objective perspective than the rest of us.


Fox News conducted interviews with Iraqi citizens of all religions and lifestyles, and the overwhelming number of them supported Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump for President. Additionally, they strongly believe that Donald Trump would be tougher on terror, while many blame Clinton for the situation that is currently tearing through the Middle East.

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“America should leave the political correctness and be tough on these countries that finance terrorism,” Nseeif Al-Khattabi, a Shia Muslim and governor of the Holy Karbala Province Council, told “We need a strong leader and if Trump needs me to speak at a rally I will come. If he follows his words and his strong stance and points his fingers at these countries that support terrorism, he will be able to stop it.”

According to Fox, there was another high-ranking Iraqi leader who requested anonymity, but said that the troop pullout that occurred in 2011 was a huge mistake and that they need the United States to have a strong leader so that we can once again build a military relationship.

This might come as a huge surprise to most of us, considering that most in the media would have you believe that Trump is horribly Islamophobic and no Muslims will support him because of this. It turns out, however, that everyday citizens like you and me share many of the same desires of Americans.

While it sounds strange, the fate of the Middle East as well as the United States of America may very well rest on the results of the 2016 Presidential election. If this is indeed the case, this is a decision that we cannot take lightly, as millions of people around the world do not get a voice in our electoral process, but can and will be affected by our decisions all the same.

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