Surrounded By ANGRY Liberals, Black Trump Supporter SILENCES Them With The TRUTH! [VIDEO]

Surrounded By ANGRY Liberals, Black Trump Supporter SILENCES Them With The TRUTH! [VIDEO]

Big Joe is THE MAN!

You see him talking, you hear his words…and they make so much sense!


The best part about this is that all his ‘common sense’ and ‘wisdom of truth’ is being shared right smack dab in the middle of an ENTIRE CITY of liberals who are there to protest EVERYTHING he stands for!

However, not only is he speaking the truth in the middle of this liberal frenzy…they are even verbally attacking him and he SILENCES them…they give up!

Big Joe… won’t be silenced by their hatred or there ignorance! Folks, this is the first time I have ever seen logic and common sense beat out ‘stupid’ on it’s own stomping grounds!

Typically when you choose to engage with stupid, it drags you down to it’s level and beats you with experience…not this time. The word EPIC, does not even begin to describe what Big Joe just accomplished all by himself…

…but don’t take my word for it. Witness this sweet, sweet moment for yourselves! Watch it clear through to the end…that is the only way you will not only see him silence them, but also a crowd of them gathering around him to listen to what he has to say!

I don’t know that there is anything I can say after that. There is just no follow-up to what you just watched Big Joe do…

For this reason, I think I will exit stage right and call it a day.

A day where Trump threw a right wing punch at globalism, Mattis dropped a hammer on ISIS (31 hammers to be exact), SNL CUT the cow that thought insulting a child was funny and Big Joe exterminated the cockroaches.

My fellow Americans, tonight…we can sleep good.

America is well on her way to becoming great again. Pray for her, pray for her leaders, pray for her people.


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