SWEET JUSTICE: Trump inherits THIS many empty judicial seats to fill

SWEET JUSTICE: Trump inherits THIS many empty judicial seats to fill

Upon taking office on January 20th of next year, Donald Trump is looking at a huge mess. Along with sorting that out, he also has the responsibility of filling over 100 judicial vacancies, including that left by the passing of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

A huge part of the success of Obama’s liberal agenda was the fact that a large number of federal judges were left-leaning and allowed him to get away with a lot.


Conservatives expect President-elect Trump to fill these vacancies with conservative/Republican judges to help him push his agenda, but the biggest area of contention will be the Supreme Court vacancy.

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While he just needs a simple majority of 51 Senators to confirm a nominee, his problem will be picking a nominee that his supporters and opponents find acceptable.

This can tip the balance of power in favor of a more pro-life, pro-second Amendment Supreme Court who will seek to preserve our Constitutional rights instead of finding ways to usurp them.

Trump is going to have his conservative credentials put to the test with his appointments, so let’s hope he doesn’t disappoint!

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