Switzerland Forces Migrants To Hand Over Possessions To Help Pay For Their Upkeep & Claims 10% Of Their Wages

by John Binder | January 16, 2016 3:04 pm

The Swiss seem to know how to handle the refugee crisis a little bit better than France and Germany.

Instead of just allowing anyone to come into their country with no guidelines and no borders for them to cross, the Swiss have taken a step back and realized that this may be the smartest way[1] to accept refugees.


Refugees arriving in Switzerland are facing harsh new integration laws with authorities confiscating valuable possessions and taxing 10 per cent of the migrants’ future earnings.

Following the example set by Denmark, in which possessions worth more than 1,000 Swiss francs are taken, the country claims the measures are necessary to pay for the migrants’ upkeep.

The harsh rules come as Denmark backtracks on similar measures after being rebuked by the UN refugee agency and drawing comparisons to Nazi Germany.

Meanwhile, Germany is falling because they refuse to close their borders. And open borders activists who have become the victims of sex crimes at the hands of Muslim migrants have asked to be quiet so they don’t damage the cause.

Switzerland, though, should be going a step further and refusing migrants from entering the country, similar to what Australia has done with its immigration laws which are proving to be a success.

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