She Takes Scissors to an Old Bath Towel… What Happens Next? Wow!

She Takes Scissors to an Old Bath Towel… What Happens Next? Wow!

You know those towels you’ve been using for years? The ones you maybe hiding when company comes over, to make sure they don’t see them…the ones that are around for horrible spills or last minute replacement mops? They have become worn down rags now, so what do you do with them? You could just throw them away…BUT that’s now any way to be prepared! THIS is what you can do…that will prevent you from being wasteful and add more edge to the Macgeyver in you!

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Turns out, you can get more out of those old towels than you might think. In a few simple, quick steps, you can actually turn those towels into a fashionable rug for your home.

First, cut the towels into strips. Taking three strips at a time, hold them together by their ends and sew their ends together. Then, braid them into a cord. Keep adding to the cord until you have in front of you one long braided cord. Finally, coil the cord around itself using needle and thread to keep it together. Now you have a stylish spiral rug!

This method is so easy, but the product is deceptively elegant. Instead of picking up both towels and a rug from the store, re-purpose your towels to save money while also reducing waste.

By simply being a bit crafty, you can extend the lives of the towels you already own and add a fresh look to your home. For more details on how to make the rug, check out the video below!

This is actually a GREAT idea! I hate washing my bathroom rugs, these would be much easier to wash! Now, if I would just take the time to learn how to sew…

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