Teacher Brutally Slaps Student for Throwing Things at Him in Class [VIDEO]

Teacher Brutally Slaps Student for Throwing Things at Him in Class [VIDEO]


This teacher is done dealing with his students in this video. It is unclear where this video took place, but it is terrifying to say the least. A student is belligerently throwing items across the room at the teacher while he teaches from the board. You can see the man recording the video egging him on and encouraging him to keep taunting the teacher. He takes an item from the young man recording and throws it at the teacher. That appears to be the final straw and the teacher absolutely snaps and loses it.

He storms to the back of the classroom where the young boy is sitting. He is furious and you can tell the young man is instantly defensive. The student stands up as the teacher charges him, but is slammed back into his chair as the teacher viciously slaps him in the face hard enough to throw him down. The student seems shocked by the violence and is dazed.

At this same time, a young woman cries out at the teacher and approaches him as if to defend the student. The teacher responds immediately and backhands the young lady and sends her flying across the room. He then turns back to the student who is now getting back up out of his chair and again slaps the student hard enough to send him flying back into the chair.

The video ends there, but I am curious as to what happened next. The students were clearly terrified. I do not care what happens. This is clearly an inappropriate reaction. As a teacher, you are in a place of authority and have no right to respond so violently. I hope this teacher received some sort of punishment. He has no business teaching these students.

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