A Tech Company CEO Received Brutal Retribution After Threatening to Kill Trump

A Tech Company CEO Received Brutal Retribution After Threatening to Kill Trump

What is it with all of these people threatening Trump? I can understand if you’re upset because you didn’t want him to win the Presidency, but you have to realize that threatening to kill him isn’t going to fix anything. Not only will it not prevent him from becoming the President, but it will land you in seriously hot water with the law.

One tech company CEO had to learn this the hard way. Gotta say, I don’t feel bad for the moron. Not even a little bit.


Matt Harrigan is now the former CEO of PacketSled, after he posted some extremely profane and threatening messages on Facebook the night of the election.


  • “I’m going to kill the president. Elect.”
  • “Bring it secret service.”
  • “Getting a sniper rifle and perching myself where it counts. Find a bedroom in the whitehouse that suits you motherf***er. I’ll find you.”
  • “In no uncertain terms, f*** you America. Seriously. F*** off.”

And just in case Harrigan hoped to find peace in his community of San Diego, Harrigan stuck the last dagger in the heart of that community with his Ron Burgandy-like quip “Really San Deigo? Trump? Go F*** yourself San Diego.”

He sounds like a nice, chemically-balanced person, doesn’t he?

In a fruitless effort to apologize, Harrigan posted the following on the PacketSled blog.


They accepted his resignation on the 15th and claimed that his comments do not reflect the values of the company or its affiliates, and I should certainly hope not. We have to make it very clear that we do not condone the violent rhetoric expressed by many this election. Any and all threats need to be taken very seriously.

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