Ted Cruz Beats Donald Trump In Prominent New York Straw Poll AFTER New York Values Comments

by John Binder | January 17, 2016 3:39 pm

When Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) made the comment that Donald Trump has ‘New York values,’ trying to portray him as a leftist liberal who loves abortion and gay marriage, it seemed like the comment somewhat backfired on him.

However, that’s just not the case. While the elite New York media is up in arms over Cruz’s comments, the people of New York either don’t care or agree with him[1].


On Saturday the Resurgent posted on Twitter: “Ted Cruz Wins Prominent New York City Straw Poll AFTER Insulting ‘New York Values.’”

According to the Resurgent, The Metropolitan Republican Club in New York City held its straw poll after Cruz’s statements criticizing “New York Values,” and Cruz won first place.

GOP frontrunner Donald Trump said Cruz insulted New Yorkers when he criticized New York Values during the GOP debate on Thursday night in South Carolina.

And these are the number results[3] from that straw poll:

The Results from the First Met Club Straw Poll of 2016 are as follows:
1st place: Ted Cruz 33%
2nd place: Donald J. Trump 32%
3rd place: Marco Rubio 20%
4th place: Joshn Kasich 7%
5th place: Chris Christie 3%
6th place: Jeb Bush 1%
7th place: Ben Carson 0%

 What’s so genius about Cruz is that like Trump, he refuses to bow the leftist-run media. So when the media’s ticked, Cruz is happy. That’s exactly how Trump is.

The two are really far more alike than is portrayed by the media.

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