Ted Cruz Schools Entitled NFL Athletes On How You REALLY Protest!

Ted Cruz Schools Entitled NFL Athletes On How You REALLY Protest!

Man, I love Ted Cruz. He just gets it and this is a perfect example.

Not many politicians have spoken out about the shenanigans that are happening in the NFL right now, but so far, Ted Cruz definitely has the STRONGEST statement on the matter and he is hitting them right where it hurts.

You may ask: “How can we protest people that we don’t directly give our money to, like in the case of businesses?” With athletes, the money goes from you to them in kind of a convoluted way and has to pass through many other hands before it lands in their pockets, but Cruz has the perfect idea.


Instead of suggesting burning the jersey of the player you disagree with, Cruz has a more elegant idea.

He’s exactly right. Sports fans love to don the gear of their favorite player, but if you don’t like what they say, don’t buy their stuff. And certainly don’t buy it just to burn it, as that money is still going into their pockets. Just don’t buy it. They will be hit in the pocketbook, as will the NFL who takes a cut of the money.

A lot of people want to make a big deal out of their protesting these actions, including posting pictures of them trashing the athlete’s jersey or other product in some way, and that’s fine if you want to do that. However, it’s my opinion that the best way to show someone you disagree with them is to not stoop to their level and instead protest with your money.

Instead, take that money you would spend on their product and give it to a veteran’s charity, or other patriotic charity. You’ll turn a negative into a positive for someone in your community who really needs help.

Don’t let the negativity taking place in the United States turn you into a mean, spiteful person. Instead, let it motivate you to be an even better person today than you were yesterday. Instead of wasting your time being angry and hateful, use it in a way that is beneficial to everyone around you. In the end, we all have to answer for our decisions and do you want your answer to be “Well, the rest of the world was doing it so…”?

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