Ted Cruz Stands Strong With Israel: DEFUND UN Until Reversal Of Anti-Israel Resolution

Ted Cruz Stands Strong With Israel: DEFUND UN Until Reversal Of Anti-Israel Resolution

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has come out with guns blazing against the anti-Israel resolution passed by the United Nations Security Council last week, which bans Israel from continuing to build settlements in land claimed by the Palestinians.

Cruz expressed his dislike of the measure in a Tweet late last Saturday, saying that he had just got off the phone with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to not only wish him a “Happy Chanukah,” but to affirm to Netanyahu that he has the backing and “strong support” of the U.S. Congress.

The Texas senator also shared that he would be more than willing to support the ending of all U.S. funding of the United Nations until their anti-Israel resolution was reversed.

His Tweet read as followed:

More from the Washington Examiner, which explained what President Obama had done previously, which should be noted was a significant shift in U.S. policy.

The Post reported that the vote was 14-0 last Friday, leaning towards the U.N. Security Council condemning Israel for its settlement expansions located on the West Bank and also in East Jerusalem.

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It was reported that, “Obama ordered the veto of a similar resolution in 2011, but his administration has grown increasingly critical of the settlements in the past year and frustrated with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government, which the Obama team sees as partially responsible for the failure of recent Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.”

Cruz’s demand to pull all U.S. funds from the United Nations puts him in line with his Republican Senate colleague, South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, who had also made that claim.

Why we have the U.N. headquartered here in the U.S. is bizarre. The organization that labeled America as a top human rights violator? Yeah. Pack your socialist bags U.N. and get out… Try Iran. You’ll love it there.

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