Teen Boy KNOCKS OUT His Classmate For Punching Their Female Teacher In The FACE – And It’s EPIC! [VIDEO]

by Alexandria Willis | October 27, 2016 3:54 am


Stories like this are almost unbelievable. But you can literally see it happen here. A young man punched his teacher to the ground. It is deplorable, but not necessarily all that crazy. What is truly surprising is the way one of the students jumps up to defend the female teacher who was just knocked to the ground. He immediately began screaming at the student. And then begins to fight the young man who had just punched the teacher to the ground.

I know violence isn’t good. Especially in the school atmosphere it needs to be avoided, but a huge part of me feels like the second young man was completely within his right to defend the teacher. The original hitter, the student who knocked the teacher to the ground, definitely wasn’t ready for what was coming. He was knocked out by the student who jumped up to defend the teacher.

Although it is fairly profane, you can hear the student yelling at the other student saying:

“Watch the f— out, you just hit the f**king teacher.”

He then adds: “Chill your s—, you just hit the f—ing teacher, you don’t f—ing do that. Who the f— do you think you are?”

In cases like this, is the violence justified? Or should the young man be held responsible for the violence? You can watch the crazy fight unravel here in this video.

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