Teenager From Viral Target Tie Video has no Idea he’s on Film Again

by Rachel Alexander | February 14, 2015 4:17 pm

chkltintrvw[1]Remember the young man from last week who went to buy a clip-on tie for a job interview at Target, but they didn’t sell clip-ons, so a kind Target employee taught him how to tie a tie? [2] Well, he’s back with some good news.  It looks like his job interview went well and he’s going to get the job. And ABC 11 has secretly filmed the whole story.

ABC 11 reports,

Yasir Moore needed that tie to apply for a job at Chick-fil-A at Triangle Town Center mall.

ABC11 was there Thursday night when Moore went back for his third interview at the restaurant. He had no idea that our cameras were rolling when restaurant owner David Langston asked him to have a seat.

“I really appreciate you coming in tonight,” said Langston. “I think we are ready to offer you a job at Chick-fil-A of Triangle Town Center mall.”

He even got his own Chick-fil-A tie.

“We may have someone in the food court that can help us out with that …” said Langston.

The same Target team that helped him before came to help again. Just like the first time they met, Dennis Roberts helped him tie the tie.

Moore was overwhelmed with gratitude and said about the Target employees, “They’re like family to me now, because they helped me so much,” said Moore. Watch the touching video below.

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