TERRIFIED Panic-Ridden Father Watches His 5-Yr Old Being Swept Under A Truck- Then THIS Happens…

by McIntosh | March 7, 2016 1:12 am

CCTV footage shows a terrifying moment a 5-year-old girl and her father barely escape being crushed to death [1]by a truck turning the wrong way at traffic lights.


The pair are seen waiting at a t-junction on a motorbike in Taizhou, China, before the enormous car-carrying truck takes a right-hand turn straight into them.

In shocking footage the young girl is flung from the back of the bike and falls underneath the 20-metre-long trailer, but seconds later is seen crawling out on all fours.

She does not appear to be too badly hurt as her father rushes over to check before the footage cuts out.
Russia Today uploaded a video of the near-miss to their YouTube page on Thursday. They report that the toddler escaped with minor injuries, and that local police stated both vehicles violated traffic regulations.

This man and his little girl must have counted their lucky stars that night. How she escaped what would have been a horrifying death is nothing short of a miracle. Close call!

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