Texas Bill Would Makes Attacks on Cops a Hate Crime [VIDEO]

Texas Bill Would Makes Attacks on Cops a Hate Crime [VIDEO]

Lawmakers in Texas have just come out with a stunning proposal. They have submitted a new bill that states targeting a police officer or any first responder is considered a ‘hate crime’ and will be prosecuted as such.

This sounds like a law that should have been in place since the very EXISTENCE of police officers and other first responders. It really just feels like a common sense type issue…alas, it hasn’t been.

Hence, criminals becoming the victims and police officers becoming the criminals, all under Obama’s long hellish 8-year reign.

“We’re going to ask that it become an emergency legislative item for the governor so that as soon as we get to Austin in January, we pass it right away, make it law right away,” said Republican State Rep. Jason Villalba.

The bill, if it is passed… (if it isn’t, what the hell!?) would definitely tighten penalties by a few notches for attacking a police officer, firefighter or other emergency type personnel.

Although it is quite sad that it has to become a law in the first place, as it should go without saying…but again, we have Obama’s America to thank for that, now don’t we?

For anyone who doesn’t understand why something like this is necessary, here is a look at the terror that has made it a drastic need for our police officers and other heroes that are out there serving our communities selflessly:

How sad is it that it is now required in this part of our nation and most likely many others, not one but TWO officers to patrol together. They are the good guys and there are targets on their heads.

It’s absolutely disgusting the way our nation has turned against our heroes as it has thanks to our ‘lead from behind’ and ‘race-baiting’ President and all his goons.

Here’s hoping this law will pass and take effect sooner than later.

Until then, continue praying for our heroes and their families. All of them.


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