Texas Man’s Rant Defending His Southern Accent And The South Goes Viral

Texas Man’s Rant Defending His Southern Accent And The South Goes Viral

I was born in the North, but I am proud to admit that I am a strong advocate for the “Southern” mindset and culture. One Texas man feels similarly and has offered a viral rant defending his proud homeland and the culture within it.


A Texas man took to YouTube to declare himself ‘unapologetically Southern’ after receiving a message which told him his accent made him appear unintelligent.

Chad Prather, who lives in Fort Worth but grew up in Georgia, filmed the video to respond to the unnamed person who wrote him the insulting note to say his Southern accent offended them.

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His eloquent rant in response soon went viral and has since amassed more than 1.5million views.

In the two-minute clip, he says: ‘Well it may be a little early in the week for a rant but I got a message today that I thought you might enjoy.

‘Somebody said: ‘Chad, we’re offended by your Southern accent. It proves to us you’re not intelligent.’

‘Well, maybe I’m not that smart. I would love to be as smooth, sophisticated, suave and debonair as those of you who send me those messages seem to be.’

He adds: ‘I wish that I could articulate my thoughts and enunciate my words as you master communicators must be capable of doing.

‘However, I grew up in the state of Georgia, where a Southern dialect really was our only option.

‘And now, after living all these years in the state of Texas, nobody yet has stopped me for using a phrase such as ‘y’all’ or ‘gonna’ or ‘fixin’ to’ yet you say it makes me sounds less than intelligent.’

Speaking to the ‘feeble-minded’ person who wrote him the message, he added: ‘You can stop listening. In fact, nobody ever invited you into the conversation. Just walk away.’

But he also reminded them that ‘we got a lot of guns down here’.

He also explained that his Southern upbringing taught him to be respectful and chivalrous, adding: ‘We get along by and large with people who are not just like us’.

And today, Prather appeared on Fox and Friends Weekend to defend the South and its heritage, which he says are often mocked.

‘It’s pretty easy to stereotype folks from the South,’ he told the program. ‘They hear a dialect and they hear a slang and they want to make fun of it.’

But he adds that despite traveling all over the world, he is always drawn to his home.

‘You see the differences and you don’t hate them, you don’t stereotype them. You just learn to appreciate them.’

He added that he believes it necessary for everyone to learn to embrace other cultures.

For all those Southerners out there who are relentlessly bombarded with unfair media depictions and attacks upon your culture, I want you to know that there are many of us in the North who respect your culture, your traditions and your resistance to those who attempt to shame you into conforming in the name of supposed “tolerance.”

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