Texas Officials Execute EMERGENCY PROTOCOL – Remove ALL Electronic Voting Machines

by Sierra Marlee | October 25, 2016 6:04 pm

To be entirely honest, the idea of electronic voting has always struck me as kind of weird. I mean, our technology is extremely vulnerable, why would we put our election at stake? Paper ballots aren’t the most secure way to vote, but they are significantly better, in my opinion, than a machine that can be hacked and change your vote.

Then there are stories like this that personally validate my opinions on the matter.


One Texas county[2] has had to remove the voting machines that were being used for early voting because of a “software glitch” that was causing them to leave out a race when a straight ticket option was selected by voter for either Democrats or Republicans.

Paper ballots are going to be used until the technical problems are resolved which, Chambers County Clerk Heather Hawthorne says should be at the end of the business day on Tuesday.

While this is a single software issue that seems to be affecting the whole of voters in the one county alone, there are instances of machines just changing votes from Republican candidates to Democrats. This time last election, TheBlaze[3] reported on Romney votes being changed to votes for Obama.

A woman and her husband went to their polling place and attempted to vote for Romney, but found they were having an easier time casting their ballot for Obama, because of problems with the machine.

“He played around with the field a little and realized that in order to vote for Romney, his finger had to be exactly on the mark,” Nancy wrote in an email. She said “the invisible Obama field came down about 1/4 [of an inch]” into what should technically have been the Romney area. In a phone interview with TheBlaze, she explained further that her husband said he felt the area on the touchscreen that could be pushed to vote for Obama was larger than that for Romney.

Nancy and her husband called the Kansas Secretary of State to report the problem and were informed that it was most likely a calibration issue.

Someone remind me why paper ballots are being replaced by machines that are manipulating our elections, again?

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