Texas Says ENOUGH! Cutting Funding To “Sanctuary Campuses”

by Sonja Bochow | December 3, 2016 11:50 pm


Everyone knows you don’t mess with Texas[2]. And Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who is one tough son of a gun, is continuing to prove that he will not be messed with either. After a recent petition drive by college students in Texas, which aims to make campuses into sanctuaries for illegal aliens, he responded with a mic drop Tweet. See below.

That’s right, Governor Abbott threatened to pull the funding of any public university that attempts to circumvent immigration law and offer safe spaces to those who are here illegally. As is reasonable, the governor is not going to allow flagrant violations of the law simply because whiny college students demand it.

These students have apparently developed their feelings at the expense of their thinking skills and ability to understand the law. Hey kids, these folks you want to shelter are CRIMINALS. By being here illegally, that makes them criminals. So how about y’all stop looking for ways to break the law and get busy with ways to increase your ability to think critically and logically. Feelings are not facts. And illegal aliens are not citizens. Time to leave Neverland and grow up, college kids. An immigrant’s new life cannot be built upon a foundation of lies and criminal acts. We welcome all legal immigrants. We do not welcome those who break the law to get here.


There will be no sanctuary for criminal aliens at Texas public universities. Thank you Governor Abbott for your refusal to give in to these childish and illegitimate demands to grant safe places for immigrants here illegally. Common sense is so refreshing.

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