THANKS Ferguson Looters! First K-Mart, now Big Lots CLOSING in Ferguson

THANKS Ferguson Looters! First K-Mart, now Big Lots CLOSING in Ferguson

Any thinking person could have predicted this… unfortunately the Ferguson protestors don’t think. Rioting and looting in Ferguson has caused an exodus of businesses and jobs from the community.

looting Ferguson

Well done Ferguson looters! You’ve managed to close K-Mart and Big Lots, and kill jobs in your community. You should be proud of your ‘protests’ for gangsta thug Michael Brown. Thanks to you, hundreds of working people in Ferguson will no longer have an income, and some wouldn’t even be able to afford Christmas presents. All because of your rioting and looting. You thugs must be so proud.

Of course the politically correct hacks at Big Lots claim that they aren’t closing their Ferguson store because of the riots and looting. Yea, I’m sure it’s just a coincidence right?

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Ignorant protestors continue to shut down roads, block emergency services from saving lives, prevent bread winners from getting to their jobs and destroy private property and now local economies. Merry Christmas y’all… here’s to a bunch of losers making everyone a loser too!

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