The 10 Worst Quotes From The Huffington Post For 2008

The Huffington Post is America’s largest liberal blog and it’s considered to be so mainstream on the left that even Barack Obama posts there.

That’s despite the fact that the blog regularly peddles extremism and conspiracy theories. However most of all, the HuffPo is well known for celebrating the deaths of conservatives. Just to give you an idea of how over-the-top they are about it, one of the bloggers at the Huffington Post actually wrote an extraordinarily nasty column mocking the death of Ann Coulter’s FATHER.

10) “We Americans have a bias against eating bugs — well, most of us do, anyway. Just try serving your family a batch of homemade granola laced with pantry moth larvae — I did, and it totally grossed them out. Once these miniscule maggots gatecrashed my granola, I tried to make the best of it and defended my locally grown larvae as a good source of protein along with the almonds, pecans, and walnuts. My niece didn’t swallow it (too busy gagging, I guess.)

……If the thought of eating bugs and roadkill freaks you out, consider this: competition for the world’s dwindling resources is heating up right along with the planet, and global warming is worsening food shortages all over the world. In this land o’ plenty o’ processed foods, most Americans can’t imagine an era when we’d be forced to subsist on weeds, bugs, and — till we run out of gas — roadkill.” — Kerry Trueman

9) “How can I get to be psychic like you?” people ask me breathlessly.

I’ve worked as a psychic for over thirty years and it means more to me each day, but would you really want to have this gift if you actually knew what it was like?”

…As uncomfortable as it is when other people badger me for readings, it’s worse when, without prodding from anyone else, I can’t turn off that part of my mind when I’m not working. Imagine how it is when the daughter of a friend rushes up to me, her face flushed with joy, holding out her hand, splaying her fingers to show off the diamond ring her boyfriend, now fiance, put there last week. What pops into my head? I see her standing at the alter in her Vera Wang wedding gown, groomless and sobbing. Maybe the guy isn’t going to leave her right at the altar, but it’s a sure sign he’s going to back out, and probably well after all the down payments have been made. She’s not my client. I don’t have the right to say anything but a booming “Congratulations,” my face stiff with false cheer.” — Rochelle Jewel Shapiro

8) “Now I’m not stupid enough to forget that capitalism is also a system that has allowed a substantial though relatively small group of human beings to amass titanic wealth and, so to speak, to capitalize on that wealth by exercising transformative power over the whole planet and everyone on it. If they were all wise and benevolent, that might be a satisfactory arrangement; they aren’t, and it isn’t. So any discussion of how human history (let alone human well-being) might continue after the demise of capitalism must get a good fix on the roots of greed and why it has persisted despite the abundant evidence of its perversity.” — Stephen Mo Hanan

7) “Who really killed those Unitarians? Was it the preachers who spread hatred and intolerance? The politicians who court and flatter them instead of condemning their hate speech? The media machine that attacks liberals, calls them ‘traitors’ and suggests you speak to them ‘with a baseball bat’? The economic system that batters people like Jim Adkisson until they snap, then tells them their real enemies are gays and liberals and secular humanists?

If you ask me, it was all of the above.

You killed them, Pat Robertson. You killed them, Pastor Hagee. You killed them, Ann Coulter. You killed them, Dick Morris and Sean Hannity and the rest of you at Fox News.” — RJ Eskow

6) “In 2008, Obama is gaining momentum, and hopefully people inside his organization are cognizant of the fact that he constitutes a very real threat to the likes of Blackwater, Dyncorps, Halliburton, and the hundreds of other private companies currently profiteering from the Iraq occupation.

Blackwater, that reactionary private mercenary outfit headed by the right-wing Christian nationalist Erik Prince stands to lose big time with an Obama presidency. Under George W. Bush Blackwater went from a marginal company with about $27 million in government contracts to a behemoth currently receiving over $1 billion in federal largesse.

It was revealed after the massacre of 17 Iraqis in Baghdad by Blackwater mercenaries that the U.S. State Department cannot function in Iraq without the services of the well-connected private company. Blackwater has a lot riding financially on keeping the Iraq occupation going and a lot to lose if it is ended. (Please read Jeremy Scahill’s book Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army.)

Under an Obama Administration Blackwater would no doubt be cut down to size along with Bush’s other crony capitalist entities. The Blackwater Boys no doubt have close friends and ideological soul mates deep inside the federal security services.” — Joseph Palermo

5) “Now that the dust is settling the big question about the dust-up in Georgia remains: Why was Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili so stupid to start this war?

It looks like Saakashvili and Russia were both set up.

Who benefits most from painting this a revival of Soviet-era aggression?

John McCain.

So did the Bush administration provoke Moscow to help elect McCain and keep neo-conservative foreign policy alive? Was McCain himself involved in setting this Russian bear trap?” — Joe Laria

4) “In 2000, the long fought for and long admired democracy of the United States of America began a slow and steady decline toward fascism – a Bush family tradition – with the installment of a president – a man the citizens overwhelmingly rejected (although the funny math told a still believed myth) – by a few corrupt judges on the US Supreme Court. That coup is now nearly complete and checkmate is all but unavoidable.

Let me first point you to the Bush administration’s so-called Wall Street bailout bill, here, so that you can see for yourself that this treachery is being conducted in the light of day. Fascism is finally and formally out of the right-wing closet even if the F word is not yet openly being used (although it should be, and often).

…It seems this time around, the Bush family is trying the more subtle approach to open bloodshed: first create a crisis, then under the guise of addressing that crisis, overthrow democracy. Yes, it does sound terribly conspiracy-theory-esque when explained just this way. But what else does one call a criminal conspiracy to destroy Congressional powers permanently, alter Judicial powers permanently, and steal public funds?” — Larisa Alexandrovna

3) “Please understand what you are looking at when you look at Sarah “Evita” Palin. You are looking at the designated muse of the coming American police state.

You have to understand how things work in a closing society in order to understand ‘Palin Power.’ A gang or cabal seizes power, usually with an affable, weak figurehead at the fore. Then they will hold elections — but they will make sure that the election will be corrupted and that the next affable, weak figurehead is entirely in their control.” — Naomi Wolf

2) “I am so tired of pink men bombing brown children and rationalizing it as fighting terrorism. I am so tired of pink men telling women (of all colors) what to do with their wombs–which connect with their brains–in case you forgot. I am so tired of pink men telling us we should stay in Iraq for generations. I am so tired of pink men buying bombs and cheating schools. I am so tired of pink men having wives who stand behind them and nod sagely on television. I am so tired of pink men expecting that someone–a brown, black, yellow or white woman–will trail behind them changing light bulbs, taking out garbage, washing laundry, keeping food in the house, taking care of kids of all ages, of parents of all ages. I am so tired of pink men whose wives double or triple the family income thinking they can spend it without doing a damn thing at home. I am so tired of pink men spouting nonsense on TV. I am so tired of pink men arguing, blathering, bloviating, predicting the future–usually wrongly–and telling women to shut up. I am so sick of hearing that another pink man has dropped his children out a window, off a bridge or killed his pregnant wife or killed his unpregnant wife because he was infatuated with another pregnant woman. I am so sick of pink men making war and talking about peace. I am so sick of pink men appointing their mediocre cronies to judgeships, to political advisors, to cushy jobs, to columns in the paper, to multimillion-dollar posts as CEOS or actors (while the actresses make less) or producers or writers or newsreaders or talk show bloviators or supposedly sage counselors at law. I am so tired of pink men.” — Ericka Jong

1) General Betray Us? Of course he has. can hardly be expected to recycle its slogan from last September, when Gen. David Petraeus testified in support of escalating the U.S. war in Iraq, given the hysterical denunciations that worthy group received at the time. But it was right then–as it would be to repeat the charge now.

By undercutting the widespread support for getting out of Iraq, Petraeus did indeed betray the American public, siding with an enormously unpopular president who wants to stay the course in Iraq for personal and political reasons that run contrary to genuine national security interests. Once again, the president is passing the buck to the uniformed military to justify continuing a ludicrous imperial adventure, and the good general has dutifully performed.” — Robert Scheer

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