The Democratic Underground Thread Of The Day

by John Hawkins | January 30, 2003 1:10 pm

The Democratic Underground Thread Of The Day: Ah, there’s no better way to start the day than to read about what the whackos at the Democratic Underground are talking about. It’s almost like some sort of bizarre version of the “Real World” featuring insane people who aren’t alllowed to take their meds. Today, on the Democratic Underground[1], the paranoia is getting out of control in a thread called, “If things get Really Bad…what’ll you do, and when?”…

AlienGirl: “If things get Really Bad…what’ll you do, and when? This is a repost of something I posted in the Meeting Room, that I don’t think got enough attention. I’d like to hear others’ thoughts about what to do, and when, if things get Really Bad.

What to do, when to do it. My plan has always been to get out while there’s time. I’ve had a bug-out bag packed and at the ready for years. I have a network of people ready to get out, ready to help me get out. If all else fails I’m arranging to have a safe place in the woods where (I hope) I could hole up.

And when? Recently I was talking to an expert in fascism and I asked her what signal to look for. She replied, “When dissenters are being rounded up, declared enemy combatants, and put in a parallel justice system.” I said I wanted the signal that comes *just before* that one, and she suggested that the recent round-up of Middle Easterners in CA was that signal. So I’ve started sending out feelers along my network, to see what people are doing.

What point would I sock it in and kill myself? I’m not sure I would…I’m a writer, and I guess I see it as my duty to record what happens, *whatever* happens, so that future people will know.

(Now you know just how paranoid I am!)


Terwilliger: Stick it out, AlienGirl. We’ll get to ya and bring you to the California Free Zone! In the meantime, stock up on dried fruit.

Dissenter: “Yes…stay anf fight. But not from your own home. That’s the first place that they come for you. If you own guns…you’re already on their sh*t list. They’ll round up those things first…or you, whichever comes first.”

(in another post in the thread) “The question is…Will you have TIME to get out of the cities. My theory is that when “it” happens it will be sudden and done in such a manner that it will trap 75-80% of the population in cities. That’s all they need.

When it does happen, it will happen under the guise of a “terrorist” attack and thus martial law will be declared. Under martial law…if you are caught outside your house…you CAN be shot on site and therefore many people will freak out and not want to risk “running for the hills”. As this happens, roadblocks and roaming patrols will ensue thus making escape risky. Note I said “risky” not impossible.

Now, if you have safe havens where you can flee too, that’s good but you have to be there before the proverbial doodoo hits the fan. Its going to be rough and it will take determination to reach your safety point…not to mention getting any love ones to follow you…

Stay safe.”

Tyler Durden: “My Bug-Out backup plan has been in place since 1972. I figured Nixon was the power elite’s first attempt at declaring a Caesar, so since then I’ve had sleeping bags, medical kits, extra topical (and when I can get it, oral) antibiotics, mess kits, and weapons. As for where the hidey-hole is, that’s my business; I’m not telling, but here’s a hint: Red Maple Leaf. I’ve always figured that the time would come; history seems to insist on it, and the only thing I need will be a couple of day’s dehydrated food and transport (the hidey-hole has non-freezable dry stuff).

If you find me, DO NOT attempt to charge the gate: I would definitely recommend against it. If we can let you in, we will.

“Paranoia is just life on a finer scale.” “It’s not whether or not you’re paranoid, it’s whether you’re paranoid ENOUGH.” (Two quotes from the EXCELLENT film, “Strange Days.” Katherine Bigelow is one of my HEROES.)”

There’s more of this sort of thing in the thread[2] as well….

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The Democratic Underground Thread Of The Day

by John Hawkins | January 28, 2003 8:30 pm

The Democratic Underground Thread Of The Day: If you want to see the left at it’s most delusional & paranoid, you have only to look at this thread[1] on the Democratic Underground. Here’s the question that was asked…

ArkDem: “Who is most evil..Bush family or Hussein?”

Now let’s see what some of the posters on this wildly popular, 22nd ranked[2], mainstream Democratic website had to say…

knowledgeispower: “Bush family better at it. So I guess you could say they are MORE evil, since they have are more capable of carrying out their evil plans.”

DARK HISTORY: “The Bush family has a much darker history than you can imagine. Prescott Bush, granpappy to all, was in cohoots with the Nazi’s. GB senior was responsible for many nasty dealings during his CIA directorship. And let’s see, how many people did Christian-thou-shall-not-kill GW execute during his tenure as Texas Governor. Not to mention Laura’s murderous hit and run…There are a lot of good books out there documenting the Bush family junta. They just shade their evil-doings in a much nicer veil. Call it – EVIL LIGHT.”

all_hail_gwb: “No brainer! The Bush crime family.”

revree: “Bush = EVIL. Bush family wins hands down. Killers, cheaters, liars all of them, except Barbara, who is sort of the black sheep. What’s worse, they claim to be such good Christians. Jesus would puke, if he isn’t already. Bushies are without a doubt the most dangerous family I can think of, and now I hear Jeb is being groomed for the presidency in 2008? GOD HELP US ONE AND ALL!!!!!!!!!”

ElementaryPenguin: “Excuse me, but I rank making money off of Auschwitz beyond Castro, Sadat, and the like, any time!! You listed lots of evil doers, to be sure – but I stand by my position – BCFEE – most evil since Hitler!! Keep in mind – the BCFEE is threatening to f*cking NUKE PEOPLE!!!!”

To the DU’s credit, there were several people who vehemently disagreed with these kooks. However, those comments put all that “Hitler” & “fascist” rhetoric you hear people on the left toss around into context doesn’t it? They’re not just talking…they actually BELIEVE their own propaganda. Scary isn’t it?

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The Democratic Underground Thread Of The Day

by John Hawkins | December 6, 2002 10:48 pm

The Democratic Underground Thread Of The Day: The Democratic is an immese well of idiocy that is practically impossible to mine. In fact, if the idiocy of the DU were oil, we’d have a supply that could last us for 150 years. Here’s the latest example — The DU thread of the day[1]! The title of the thread?

If the chimp get’s cancer and dies, is that ok? It is with me!!!

Of course, not everyone agreed with that sentiment but here are a few that did…

nochimp04: If the chimp get’s cancer and dies, is that ok? It is with me!!! I have never wished that on anybody, but i would actually enjoy the thought of bunnypants suffering a long, slow agonizing demize.

ElsewheresDaughter: Barry Crimmins had this wish and I wish it too…

“A wish for my Republican friends, may you die of your ignorance before it kills us all.”

latebloomer: be careful what you wish for It might come back on you! (tho I do dig where you’re comin from!)

CMT: What? and let him get the sympathy of the nation. No I don’t wish it on him. I would rather defeat a healthy George W. Bush at the polls and whipe that smirk from his mouth.

Jim Sagle: Not a good idea, actually. He could commit a LOT of butchery after he began to suffer and before he became incapacitated. If he dies (and I don’t mind at all if he does), I want it to be quick and painless.

Not for his sake.

For ours.

And I DEFINITELY want it to be natural. The regime would use a killing to make the dictatorship official.

At that point, this lovely thread was locked by a moderator before more Democrats could get off on fantasizing about the death of the President. By the way, these 5 posts were out of only 17 in thread. Nice, huh?

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