The Fat Lady Sung And I Was Wrong

by Melissa Clouthier | November 6, 2008 10:29 am

Well, I received a good deal of derision both personally and professionally for keeping the McCain-Palin faith until the end. It was philosophical, really. Giving up when it’s not yet over is anathema to me. Still, we lost.

What went wrong?

McCain himself. Ace says it best[1].

Obama pulled new youth voters[2].

The troubled economy favors Dems.

An unpopular president makes the challenger more desirable.

Rushing to DC for the bailout and then doing nothing of note, besides voting for HUGE government slaughtered McCain.

Obama himself. He ran a great campaign.

One thing that didn’t go wrong:

It wasn’t Palin[3]. Ace also says it best. For all the scumbags inside the McCain camp selling out Palin. You’re now a leper[4]. You are, in biblical terms, marked, or if you’re evangelical “disfellowshipped”, Amish “shunned”, you get the idea. Just a note: it occurs to me that McCain, himself, is partly responsible for this. Run a tighter ship, man. Independent thinking is highly valued. Cut-throats must be dealt with. Harshly. You hang with a pit of vipers, you’ll get bit. And McCain ultimately looks like a disorganized, bad judge of character by employing these jerks.

And just a word on Gay Marriage since the moderates believe that this was one of Palin’s failin’s. A friend of mine (fiscal conservative, social liberal), said that their best friends (also acquaintances of mine), a gay couple, said that “if Sarah Palin hates me, I’m not voting for her.” Why’d you vote for Obama then? He’s the guy who said that he’s against gay marriage and that marriage is between one man and one woman. Is Obama a homophobe? Hmmmm? It is possible to love gay people and be against gay marriage. It is possible to hold to traditional definitions that are culturally proven and be open to new institutions to address a new reality. Nuance. Additionally, in California, a relatively liberal state, Prop 8 passed handily. Are the citizens of CA bigoted, bible-beating right-wing nut jobs? Be careful demonizing the whole country, Dems. Your joy might be short-lived.

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