The Fight Is Never Over, Ever

by Melissa Clouthier | December 3, 2008 11:38 am

During the last leg of the campaign, I was tired and disgusted with the political nonsense. I was appalled at the lack of curiosity by both the press and the electorate. The salacious smears against decent people made me think that no rational person would ever want to serve his or her country. The ignorance and vitriol being spewed made me think that voters could be sold anything anyway, so it didn’t matter.

What was the point of being involved? One vote hardly seemed enough of a message when one educated vote was canceled out by someone whose breadth of understanding about the issues could be encapsulated in Sarah Palin’s daughter’s uterus.

And today, the Congressional Visitor’s Center opens and with it some nameless, faceless bureaucrat plasters propaganda up[1] all over because Congress critters were more worried about office placement then the content of the ideas they’d be sharing with the world. In addition, the new $620 million dollar (9x over-budget of course) center is created to keep the “smelly” people[2], the BOSSES of these ostensible public servants and the ones who paid for this politically correct and self-aggrandizing shrine, out.

Relax for a minute, or ten, or a year, and those in the government will create something bad for Americans and make Americans pay for it, to boot. My brother told me, “they count on you getting tired”. Indeed.

With the vast amount of information, misinformation, and sheer enormity of the government now, it takes armies of interested people to pay attention and alert others to what is going on. And still, it’s impossible to sustain the battle-readiness mentality. For years now, really since Clinton’s presidency, it has felt as if there is an all-out war and it has felt like conservative ideas, even when we’ve been are in power are losing.

The government has gotten gluttonously bigger funding all sorts of suspect projects. Americans seem to not mind as long as they’re getting their share.

The conservative-libertarian movement must get across to the populace that government giving means loss of liberty. The government owns those it subsidizes. Citizens become slaves.

America’s Founders rebelled against taxation without representation. Well, we are represented, alright. And the representatives need to be held to account. The glad-handing, you-scratch-my-back-I’ll-scratch-yous-on-the-back-of-the-taxpayer mentality must be stopped.

We can’t afford to get tired. We have to continue to fight and we need to unite against leaders whose primary goal is self-service while insulting the smelly people who put them in power to begin with.

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