The Last Tradition’s Draft Order for the GOP nomination

by Samuel Gonzalez | July 24, 2015 9:27 pm

These are the candidates I like in order of preference who I think would make the best GOP nominee.  I would have no problem with any of my top 4 being the nominee.  The rest of the field are the runner ups and I’m making a very strong statement with with my bottom 2 picks.
1-Scott Walker- He’s the complete package and the only GOP candidate closest to Ronald Reagan.
2-Ben Carson – The country would be in good hands under President Carson.
3-Donald Trump – Trump has rocketed up my list more than any candidate from the bottom tier.   He’s totally changed the game and not abiding by PC rules.  He exposes the GOP establishment for the pathetic cowards that they are.
4-Ted Cruz – A tremendous Patriot who would set America back on track and bring respect back to the presidency.
5-Bobby Jindal – A Patriot, believes the government is the problem.
6-Carly Fiorina – The anti-Hillary who is very competent for the job.
7-Mike Huckabee – A good steward for the nation.
8-Marco Rubio – He believes in the American dream.
9-Rick Santorum – Wants to bring manufacturing back to


America.  Worthy goal.

10-Rick Perry –  Perry took the biggest drop from my top 5 because how he’s reacted to Trump.
11-John Kasich – Not in my top tier because he’s a big government conservative.
12-Rand Paul – Wants to make drugs legal and give felons the vote.  No thank you.
13-George Pataki – He was my governor for 3 terms.  No thanks.
14-Lindsey Graham – He needs a new cell phone.
15-Chris Christie – Overrated
16-Jeb Bush – He’s the GOP establishment of choice which means he’s a mushy moderate who agrees with Hillary Clinton on most issues.
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