The Left’s Religion

by Morgan Freeberg | December 6, 2008 10:38 am

Gerard opines[1].

The real disaster for the Liberal/Left in the last 8-years was not that George Bush was religious, but that Bush’s religion was not the Liberal/Left’s approved religion; the Religion of the Self. They now have their new apotheosis in Obama, a man whose professed faith is plain to see — through.

There does seem to be a strange unifying gravity well in that part of the universe, does there not? Not exactly true atheism, is it.

They seem to believe in a deity who helps those who do not help themselves.

It has something to do with being a good person. But it’s not overly obsessed with that, because if you ascend to this level of goodness but nobody knows about it, it’s all for nothing. You must advertise it. And it’s not all happy thoughts, because hating George W. Bush is an indispensible part of the weekly benediction.

The only thing these “Believers” could sense that partook of the spiritual was the Self and the Self alone. Thus they made the Self into their golden idol and set it on the altar of their brief lives. Obsessed with embellishing this idol many spent large sums and long periods of introspective analysis with professionals that were paid handsomely to confirm to them, at all times and in all places, that the grim visage of the Self reigned supreme, and that only the Self and only this life in this world could be validated.

Lack of faith has turned out to be a form of faith. That the left does, indeed, have a religion, is all but proven when the time comes to figure out what to do with the infidels. A non-religion would leave them alone entirely; “liberal” stands for liberty, does it not? But there certainly is a “convert or die” undertone involved in how our most rabid leftists treat those who cannot, or will not, believe.

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