The Liberal Lexicon… Emphasis on the Con

Once in a while I take a break from the issues and news of the day for a little tangent. Today’s tangent, then, is to discuss words and phrases that make up a liberal’s lexicon. Liberals have a lot of code words that they use to further their agenda, words they use to promulgate an assumption of their own supposed purity and intelligence. But, in reality, most of the words that liberals use mean precisely the opposite of what they appear to mean on the face. So, here are just a few of those to serve as an example. (in no particular order)

CRISIS- A crisis may or may not have elements of actual trouble in it but more often it is an over dramatized incident often inflated with untruths and inaccuracies and used to float the growth of government. The “Matthew Shepard Hate Crime Bill” is an example. It was said we have a “crisis” of gay bashing and to prove it advocates used the “gay bashing death” of Matthew Shepard to prove that a hate crime bill must be passed immediately. Unfortunately for the truth Shepard was not killed because he was gay and the whole story used to further the hate crime bill was a lie. The Stimulus, healthcare, and bailout debate is also an example of a “crisis” used to advance a socialist state. If a Liberal says there is a “crisis” you can be sure that, while problems may exist, there really is no need to rush a “solution.”

OPEN MINDED- Liberals use this word when they want to imply they are more caring and smarter than everyone around them. It also means the opposite of what it seems like it means because in truth “open minded” really means “to agree with liberals.”

PATRIOTISM- Liberals claim they are “just as” patriotic as any American, that they “love” their country. Of course, the opposite is true. They love what they want their country to be and they love the fact that the United States has enough freedom to allow them to work for that eventual America to emerge, but they do not love the country as it is nor as it ever was. Liberals hate our history, our traditions, and most of the people that live here. Patriotism to them is something they wear as a cloak in order to undermine and change everything about the country. The truth is you cannot love something that you don’t even like.

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CHOICE- Another word that means the opposite of its more common, real world definition. “Choice” is often used in the abortion debate, for instance. They say “women should have a choice for abortion.” The truth is, liberals don’t want to allow the choice not to have an abortion, nor do they want to give the infant the choice to live. Liberals also do not want to give the religious the choice not to be forced to fund abortions via their taxes. The only choice liberals include in “choice” is the ability to choose abortion. Liberals also do not want to give workers the choice not to belong to a union.

RELIGION- Liberals believe that religion is a barbaric practice that “smart” people will eschew. They believe that people should not be held to any religious principle. But, curiously enough, liberals treat their love of infallible government and their religious belief in man-made global warming in the same way that religious people treat their beliefs.

SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE- Liberals don’t want the state separated from religion. They want religion dominated, controlled, and regulated by the state. They do not want the two to go about their business in separate spheres as the word “separation” might imply.

ELECTIONS- Liberals do not want democratic elections despite what they pretend to want. If Democrats wanted fair and honest elections, ACORN would not exist and JFK and LBJ never would have become president through the massive vote fraud that got them both to the White House.

NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY- This does not exist in the liberal lexicon.

CONSTITUTION- In the real world, a “constitution” is essentially a document of fixed laws. In the liberal world a constitution is a meaningless group of words that can and must be bent, twisted, and re-imagined in any way necessary to further the liberal agenda. (which brings us to…)

LAW- In the real world a law is a rule. In the liberal world “law” has no meaning at all. “Law” is situational and is expected to be bent, twisted and re-imagined to further the current liberal agenda.

HISTORY- Something evil that we must all live down. This word is always said either with a sneer or a sad shake of the head.

EDUCATION- A nicer way of saying indoctrination. No free speech or free thinking allowed.

These are just a few of the words and phrases that make up a liberal’s lexicon. There are hundreds more, of course. Add your own in the comments below, won’t you?

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