The magical taste of deep fried peanut butter

by Rachel Alexander | January 23, 2016 12:35 pm

fried peanut butter[1]If you like peanut butter and fried dough, you will be in heaven with deep friend peanut butter. As if we all need yet another delicious but fattening treat. But it can’t hurt to try it just once, can it?[2]

Metro reports,

Send your thanks for this genius creation to Amy Ericsson of Oh, Bite It!, the same woman behind those bacon wrapped mozzarella sticks.

This month Amy has taken it upon herself to make deep fried balls of peanut butter.

Yep, oozing dough balls filled with warm peanut butter. Best dipped in chocolate, we say. Or jam. Or wrapped in bacon, if you’ve lost your damn mind.

They’re pretty simple to make (if a bit fiddly), and all you’ll need is peanut butter, pre-made dough, and icing sugar for dusting.

The full recipe can be found at Oh, Bite It![3] Don’t you want to see how good they really are?

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