The Mistake That Would Ruin Barack Obama’s Presidency

by Melissa Clouthier | January 27, 2009 10:03 am

Bailouts won’t break Obama–even horrible, pork-laden, bloated, tax-payer beating bailouts. A bleak, miserable, suffering depression wouldn’t sink Obama. Paying women for their embryos, creating human-monkey hybrids and sending them to Mars to start a new society wouldn’t sink Obama. No, people expect a little crazy, a lot of fat, and government salvation during economic difficulty from Democrats.

There is one weak spot, though. If America were to be hit with another terrorist attack, especially after Obama appears weak[1] or makes decisions that weaken America’s defense, President Barack Obama’s star will sink faster than the Titanic.

Right now, the president is making bold declarations like making a law that will ban space weapons[2]. This is laughable. First, everyone knows that countries like China and Russia will not abide by any space ban. Second, it just makes Obama look weak. There are a couple ways, besides nuclear and conventional warfare and now, terrorism, to destroy societies. Space, microbial, and now technological warfare are the new, exciting ways to kill. Ignoring that people will use these ways whether America does or not, is folly. Some believe, though, that it’s Obama’s intention to disarm[3] America.

While few people want to think about it anymore, the fact is that the Twin Towers going down is seared into the American consciousness[4]. It is the fear that not be named these days, but it’s still there, nonetheless. Americans might have disliked President Bush for a variety of reasons, but few would argue that he wasn’t doing everything in his power to protect American. And most would acknowledge that defense is the first, most important job of the President.

If Obama goofs around with Guantanamo, talks of Space weapons bans, cuts military funding while Iranian ships are being found to have huge weapons caches going to…terrorists[5], revises wire-tapping standards of foreigners to gather intelligence, sanctimoniously decries rather benign forms of coercion that would save lives, makes his first interview to Arab TV[6] and then America is hit by a terrorist attack, his Presidency will be over. He will ride out his years in office in shame.

The Left would defend Obama’s “humane” policies and be proud of a President who respected civil liberties, but Americans generally would heap the man in scorn. President Bush managed to keep Americans safe for years after 9/11. It wasn’t because we weren’t attacked again or because terrorist weren’t trying to do harm, because they were. It’s because President Bush woke up every day single-minded of purpose: to protect and defend.

If Americans perceive that Obama isn’t infused with the same passion and clarity of vision, if they believe that Obama is weak, and then America is attacked and lives are lost, Obama’s presidency will go down in flames literal and figurative. As Obama knows, perception is everything. It’s what got him elected. It could also undo him.

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