The Parasite States of America

by Kathy Shaidle | November 8, 2008 9:33 am

With the election of Barack Obama — His O-liness — America has chosen as its leader an unaccomplished, spoiled, cowardly, shallow narcissist who wouldn’t last five minutes under torture, let alone five years, and who associates with radical freaks and weirdos.

He supports sticking scissors in baby’s skulls, and wants to make you pay for it, too.

But so do millions of other Americans, so I suppose we shouldn’t be shocked.

America has chosen a false “peace” over principle. Well over half the country is clearly shallow and superficial, too, ready to sell their birthright for “free” “health” “care” and other socialist treats.

They want a slick, symbolic President, not a real leader, a real hero, because a real hero (even one as deeply, fatally flawed as John McCain) clearly makes them feel inadequate.

McCain’s campaign against Obama’s socialism didn’t work because millions of Americans clearly WANT socialism. Or think they do.

And so it finally ends.

The hippies won the Culture War without firing too many shots (yet). The long march through the institutions is now complete.

These radical leftists were aided and abetted by cocktail party “conservatives” — who were just liberals in bowties all along.

An Obama presidency will be the final moments of Easy Rider — in reverse. Forever.

The patriots have been defeated by the parasites.

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(Kathy Shaidle‘s new book — The Tyranny of Nice[2]: how Canada crushes freedom in the name of human rights, and why is matters to Americans — features an introduction by Mark Steyn.)

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