The Rightosphere’s Reaction To Obama’s Healthcare Press Conference

by John Hawkins | July 23, 2009 1:25 pm

Reaction Summary: The deepest irony of Obama’s presser is that it was supposed to be to promote health care, but his inflammatory comments about doctors and police officers actually drew more attention than what he had to say about health care. Igniting a new controversy that distracts people from his main message may not have been the best move since he’s counting on his own personal charisma to help get this bill done before the August recess — and the general consensus is unsurprisingly quite negative.

Here is some of the commentary that caught my eye as I read about the story,

At one point, Obama made the insulting suggestion that when children go to doctors with sore throats, doctors consult payment charts, and unneccesarily remove kids’ tonsils just to earn extra money. Aside from being a cynical remark, it isn’t smart politically, as polling shows that Americans trust doctors far more than politicians when it comes to health care.

Also worth noting, at one point Obama said he wouldn’t support health care legislation that was “primarily” funded by raising taxes on the middle class. But does that mean he’d be open to a bill that was partially funded that way? — Phillip Klein, American Spectator[1]

“There is much to be said about the astonishing dishonesty of President Obama’s health-care rhetoric tonight, and much (no doubt) will be said. But I have to admit I was actually most struck by his answer to the last question, about the arrest of Henry Louis Gates. It’s the kind of question to which a president would normally reply with something like: “That’s a local police matter, I don’t know the details and I know it will be worked out responsibly,” and move along. Obama gave a lengthy review of the facts, called the police officers involved stupid, and implied they are also liars. Very odd behavior for a president.” — Yuval Levin, The Corner[2]

The Cambridge cop accused of a racist arrest on Harvard Prof Henry Louis Gates Jr says he’s no racist and he won’t apologize. Gates has called James Crowley a “rogue cop,” though it’s not clear whether he knows much about this cop or his history. Meanwhile, the president of the United States, while acknowledging that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, calls the Cambridge cop “stupid” on national TV.

I’m beginning to think some sensitivity training is in order. — Jules Crittenden[3]

Take this bit of race baiting for example. He spoke out about the arrest of Henry Louis Gates, after admitting he didn’t know all the facts, and said that if it had happened to us “any of us would be pretty angry.”

Those racist cops don’t know when to quit eh? Responding to a 911 call about a couple men breaking into a house, described as two black men, and then having the gall to question the men…who coincidentally had jimmied their way into the house AND fit the description given in the 911 call…for ID.

How dare they! — Flopping Aces[4]

But at press conferences there are often throwaway lines and unscripted moments that are interesting. I was struck by two that seemed to exemplify Obama’s easy disdain for the less enlightened among us — in this case, for family docs and for Cambridge cops.

…Does Obama really think pediatricians knowingly order unnecessary tonsillectomies in order to “make a lot more money?” Isn’t this a rather casual slander of a lot of doctors? And in any case, is this what’s driving up health-care costs? It’s probably as likely health-care costs are high because hospitals have too many vice presidents for government relations making $300,000 a year. But I wouldn’t think it appropriate for the president to single them out for attack either.

Second, Obama answered a question about his friend Henry Louis Gates’s run-in with the Cambridge cops, after acknowledging “not having been there and not seeing all the facts,” by nonetheless asserting that “the Cambridge police acted stupidly.” Does he really know enough about what happened to say that? Maybe it was Professor Gates who behaved stupidly, or at least arrogantly. He is, after all, a Harvard professor. I was once a Harvard professor, and my instinct is to side with the Cambridge cops. But if I were president of the United States, I might pause before casually accusing other Americans of acting stupidly unless I were confident I knew what I was talking about. — William Kristol[5]

According to the ideology Obama has kept himself immersed in since the regrettable day he was conceived, those who oppose authoritarian collectivism only care about profits and are therefore bad. Maybe Doc will have the kid’s leg amputated too, just to have something else to put on the bill.

I’m almost beginning to pity the dupes who voted for this Marxist clown. How they must despise themselves. — Moonbattery[6]

After listening to Barry for an hour do you have ANY FRAKKIN’ IDEA what the healthcare reform IS or how it is going to be PAID FOR. — Darleen Click, Protein Wisdom[7]

Obama Casually Slanders Doctors which isn’t surprising. In order to sell their government solutions to everything socialists usually do have to demonize someone. Obama attacking doctors isn’t terribly unlike the Bolsheviks attacking the bourgeois capitalists as the common enemy for their revolution. — Say Anything[8]

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