The Stupid T-Shirt Of The Year So Far Award Goes To…

by John Hawkins | June 16, 2009 10:17 am

Living, as a I do, in the Myrtle Beach area, I get to see a lot of dumb t-shirts that are apparently aimed at the crude, drunk, south of 80 IQ teenager demographic, but they don’t quite match up to this shirt[1] on CafePress,

Scott Roeder T-shirt

Dude, what the hell? Same question, different t-shirt from the same vendor,

Impeach Obama with gun t-shirt

So we’re impeaching Obama with a gun now, are we?

These shirts are warped and I’ve got to wonder: where would someone actually wear one of these t-shirts? There’s not an abortion clinic protest in America where someone wearing the first t-shirt would be welcome and the 2nd one? In all fairness, you might be able to pull it off under the robes at a KKK rally, but Robert Byrd wouldn’t even want that t-shirt as a birthday present, so even amongst Klansmen, you’re probably not batting 100%.

On the other hand, wearing either shirt (or for that matter, making them) strongly suggests that you’re stupid and potentially dangerous, which I suppose, has some value to it. After all, if you wear a shirt that actually says, “I am stupid and potentially dangerous,” people might think, “Oh, he must be kidding.” With these t-shirts, it sends the same message and people will understand that you mean it: “Yeah, this guy really is stupid and potentially dangerous.”

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