The Time Magazine Story Was Bogus? Told Ya So…

by John Hawkins | September 23, 2002 12:25 am

I Told You The Time Magazine Story Was Bogus: A few months ago Time was claiming that there was a “Clinton Plan for a war with Al-Queda” that was given to the Bush administration. I told you[1] that, “the idea that the Clinton administration was ready to go to war against Afghanistan is laughable.” I also concluded with this paragraph,

“Now ask yourself how likely it is that Bill Clinton, after eight years of inaction and neglect, was suddenly inspired to start a ‘War on Terrorism’ by the USS Cole Bombing after ignoring several other attacks of similar or greater magnitude? I think the answer to that question should be obvious…unless you write for Time Magazine.”

Well Clinton’s national security adviser Sandy Berger[2] has now, “contradicted published reports that the outgoing Clinton administration offered the incoming Bush team a war plan to go after Al Qaeda.”

I told you so.

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