The Top 10 Conservative Video Bloggers

by John Hawkins | March 19, 2009 10:18 am

After spending a couple of months putting together daily videos for Right Wing Video[1], I’ve gotten an opportunity to see a lot of videos. With that in mind, I thought it might be worthwhile to let people know who the top conservative vloggers out there are, since some of them don’t necessarily get a lot of face time in the blogosphere.

Honorary Mentions

Michelle Malkin[2] deserves credit for popularizing vlogging on the right (along with some help from Mary Katharine Ham[3]), although she seems to have gotten out of the vlogging biz.

Another one of the fairly popular early vloggers, Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs[4] doesn’t look to have done a vlog in more than 5 months.

The Top Ten (In alphabetical order)

Pat Condell:[5] I’m not really a fan of the atheistic attitudes he displays in some of his videos, but he’s a fierce critic of Islam and his understated British sense of humor and indignation comes across quite well on video.

Steven Crowder:[6] He’s funny, outrageous, and Canadian.

Drinking With Bob:[7] The most high energy vlogger you will ever come across (I have invited him to post at RWN).

Ed Driscoll[8]‘s Silicon Graffiti[9]: Ed has high production values, but tends to be a touch on the longish side.

Mary Katharine Ham:[10] MK still does a video now and again and they’re usually funny and have high production values for a YouTube shoot.

HowTheWorldWorks:[11] No gimmicks, just solid, straightforward, superb conservative commentary belted out multiple times per week (I have invited him to post at RWN).

Macho Sauce Productions:[12] Zo’s funny and is stylistically brilliant. (I have invited him to post at RWN).

Newsbusters’ [13] Newsbusted:[14] Funny videos that mock the media and Democrats.

The Nose On Your Face:[15] Videos from The Nose On Your Face[16] — and they are funny.

Red State Update:[17] Funny, sometimes profane, costumed goof-offery.

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