The USA Does Not Exist!

by John Hawkins | September 16, 2002 10:29 pm

The USA Does Not Exist!: I was taking a little tour of the Utopia Politics Forums[1] looking for A.C.P.O.T.I. material and I ran across some yabbo blathering on about how we never went to the moon…

NoldoR BS: Honestly guys, do you really think that man has walked the moon? I don’t. When US placed the flag on the moon, in was moving, just as if there was a wind blowing on the moon. And besides, what proves do we have that they actually were there? I just think it was some US propaganda during the cold war to show the russians.

You think Noldor is a little nuts? Well put on your tinfoil hats boys and girls because Hrothgar can top him =D

Hrothgar: Also, the USA does not exist! It is a huge European conspiracy that was created in the 1800s to lure the poorest people out of their countries with the immigration bait. They really dropped all those people off the ship into the ocean as soon as it was far enough from shore.

Then, seeing an opportunity, the European conspirators decided to make the mythical USA into a so called “super power” so that there would be a quicker end to the World Wars and more stability on the Earth through great power… and the Europe wouldn’t have to take the heat that comes with power.

To this day, when you go to visit the “USA” you are just flown to a giant area of land in North America that has been constructed by the European conspirators to look like this mythical USA. I am one of the people hired by the European conspirators to pose as a so called “American”.

It’s all true! George Bush was created with Windows Movie Maker, our stealth bombers are made out of crêpe paper, and Chicago is actually a tiny scale model in Jacques Chirac’s basement. Reveal our secrets to no one or you will face the terrible wrath of Belgium (they made our aircraft carriers out of nothing but papier-mâché and thread).

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