The “Yes We Can” Lingerie Set

by John Hawkins | June 5, 2009 10:53 am

Are you a guy out there dating a liberal? Do you find it tough to get her the right kind of gifts? The sort of gifts that say, “Yes dear, it’s true that we don’t agree politically, but I do respect your beliefs.”

Then, today is your lucky day, because Mio Destino’s “Yes We Can-Can” Lingerie Set”[1] is now available!

Yes We Can Lingerie

As you can see, for the feminist woman who refuses to accept the patriarcy’s slut shaming, there are the “yes we can” pasties.

On the other hand, for the woman who has to keep her sexy politics under wraps at work, there’s the “slogan sporting briefs.” Yes We Can Panties

Yes, guys, for the first time, your liberal girlfriends can wear those red, white, and blue colors proudly for the first time now that Barack Obama is President!

Show your liberal girlfriend that even though you’re a man and a Republican, you’re not as much of an evil Nazi as her liberal friends think you are by buying her the whole “Yes We Can-Can” Lingerie Set before Barack Obama bankrupts the entire country and inflation makes your money worth only pennies on the dollar.

Hat tip to Five Feet of Fury[2] for the article link.

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