There Will Be Many Surprised That 74% of SC Republcan Voters Favor This Position

There Will Be Many Surprised That 74% of SC Republcan Voters Favor This Position

The reason Donald Trump is winning so marvelously, is because he’s finally listening to what Republican voters and Americans want. He’s taking on issues that the donor-class and other Republicans wouldn’t even think about doing.

And because of that, the man is winning big-time. Though, the media still claims that no one is really supporting his proposal to temporarily ban Muslims from immigrating to the country, the public is largely, largely on board.

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Preliminary exit poll results from the South Carolina GOP primary have been released.

Record turnout by conservatives and evangelicals is helping to shape the South Carolina Republican primary, along with vast support for Donald Trump’s stance on limiting the ability of Muslims to enter the country and substantial backing for deportation of undocumented immigrants.

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Preliminary exit poll results indicate that three-quarters of the state’s primary voters support temporarily banning Muslims who are not U.S. citizens from entering the United States. That’s even more than the support for this proposal among GOP voters in New Hampshire, 65 percent – a core support group for Trump in that state.


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The reason the number is so high is because Americans have been asking for a decade now to stop the constant flow of Muslims into the country. The GOP elites won’t listen and neither will the Democrats.

So finally, Trump has taken on the issue and he’s winning because of it.

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