These Numbers From Yesterday Show The Democrats Are In A Lot Of Trouble

by John Binder | February 21, 2016 2:25 pm

While turnout for the GOP is going splendidly (thanks to Donald Trump), turnout for the Democrats isn’t looking so good.

Here’s how bad their turnout was[1] for the Nevada primary:

Hillary Clinton DOD1[2]

The Democrat turnout Saturday in Nevada was estimated at 80,000 down from 120,000 from 2008.

dem turnout tweet[3]

For the Democrats, and especially Hillary Clinton, that’s really, really not good.

The more turnout the better the Democrats normally do in the general election. But if voters are excited about Bernie and Hillary, the Republicans (Trump) may have an easier time then anyone thinks winning in the general.

  1. Here’s how bad their turnout was:
  2. [Image]:
  3. [Image]:

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