This 62-Acre Village Has Been Abandoned for Decades – When You See Why, You’ll Get Chills

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | December 28, 2015 10:02 am

Johnsonville is a beautiful little 62-acre village in Connecticut.[1] An aerospace manufacturer named Raymond Schmitt bought the hamlet in 1965. He restored the Victorian buildings and brought in wonderful antiques. Many weddings were held there and it was a very popular spot. In the early 1990’s, Schmitt wanted to build a pond in the village and had a falling out with zoning officials. He closed the village down and put it up for sale. Schmitt passed away in 1998 and it was still for sale for $3 million. It is unclear who owns it now, but it is still shut down and is a virtual ghost town. Literally… they say Schmitt’s ghost walks the grounds there at night. It’s enough to make a chill go down your spine.


From American Overlook:

In 1862, Emory Johnson constructed the Triton Mill at the northern end of a plot of land in East Haddam, Connecticut. Soon a little town was forming around the mill and they decided to call it Johnsonville, quickly booming into a true village over the next hundred or so years until eventually the mill was sold to Raymond Schmitt, owner of a controversial aerospace manufacturer in 1965.

Schmitt turned the once-thriving town into a tourist attraction, bringing in other Victorian-era buildings and hosting weddings and get-togethers on a regular basis. The village continued to exist as an attraction until finally the property was shut down and put up for sale in 1994. What has happened to this once-great town since will send shivers down your spine!

The property has been purchased and slated for redevelopment three separate times. All of these ventures fell through and many claim that it is because the ghost of Schmitt haunts the village. They say you can catch a glimpse of the old man’s shadows in the windows of the abandoned houses, glaring out and probably still just wishing that the property would sell or that they’d let him build his pond. Someone should purchase the land and make it into a profitable venture and let people enjoy its beauty. You could revitalize the chapel and restaurant and make a great tourist destination out of the place. The haunting just makes it even cooler. Even if you turned it into a place for seniors or veterans who need a place to go, it would still be well worth it. But don’t let it sit there and rot. The village is too beautiful for that and way too historic. It would be criminal to let it fall into ruin.







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