This Awesome, Real-Life Flintstones House Has A Swimming Pool And Bulletproof Windows

This Awesome, Real-Life Flintstones House Has A Swimming Pool And Bulletproof Windows

Some things never go out of style. Though it had long gone off the air before I was born, I remember watching “The Flintstones” when I was a kid. Though many may have longed to live the life of Fred and Wilma, one Portuguese family made it a reality. Check it out:


This is one house where holidaymakers could have a yabba dabba do time.

Known as Casa do Penedo, or House of Stone, this bizarre dwelling in northern Portugal’s Fafe Mountains has earned a reputation as a real-life ‘Flintstones house’.

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But its allure goes beyond its resemblance to stone houses from the classic animated TV series – it has bulletproof doors and windows, and a swimming pool.

Nestled between four granite boulders, the extraordinary house is perched on a mountain at an elevation of nearly 2,600ft.

Once used as a holiday home by a family, it has become a growing tourist attraction after it was transformed into a local museum.

Yet it’s not exactly clear why the original owners required bulletproof doors and windows.

Portuguese photographer Ricardo Oliveira Mateus, 34, recently returned to the 16.5-ft tall house to capture its unusual character.

He said: ‘It was built from four large boulders that serve as the foundation, walls and ceiling of the house.

‘Its construction began in 1972 and lasted about two years.

‘The house is fairly well equipped although there is no electricity it does have a fireplace and even a swimming pool which has been carved out of one of the large rocks.’

Ricardo said the stone house is now a small museum of relics and photographs from Penedo’s history.

He added: ‘Due to its unusual design and integration into the surrounding nature, the building has become a growing tourist attraction.

‘As a kid I got the chance to meet the owner of the house and to go inside house for a few minutes.

‘I remember being really impressed by the house architecture and the magnificent view around it.’

The Flintstones was an American cartoon created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera which ran from 1960 to 1966.

At one time The Flintstones was the longest running prime time animated weekly series. That record was broken by The Simpsons in 1997.

In truth, it might get old living in a rock house. Still, the premise is cool and would be perfect for weekend getaways to escape from modern reality.






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