This Family Has Lost Three Of Their Five Children In Just Six Years- The Reason? HEARTBREAKING

by Rachel Alexander | February 13, 2016 4:40 pm

Bell2[1]It is heartbreaking when a young child dies from a fatal disease like cancer. But when it’s a genetic disease that runs in the family, the tragedy can be exponentially worse. Erin and Benjamin Mading have now lost three of their five children to cancer caused from Lynch syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that increases the risk of cancer. Isabella “Bell” Mading, age 10, was the third to pass away a week ago[2].

The Daily Mail reports,

Pediatric oncologists tried various rounds of treatments on Bell, but her brain continued to swell and scans showed the tumor was continuing to grow.
Bell knew what was happening to her after seeing the course of her older brother and sister’s life took.
She told her mom when she grew up she wanted to be a nurse and help others struggling with cancer.
‘She grew up in a hospital with her brother and her sister. She had a wisdom beyond her years,’ Mading said.
Bell was able to take a trip to Hawaii with her family thanks to the Make-A-Wish foundation – a location Bell chose because it was the wish her sister Averi never got to see fulfilled.
The family wrote on its blog[3]:
‘Did you think by taking the lives of our three, faith-filled, courageous and beautiful children would make us lose our faith, determination and hope?
‘You have only made us more equipped, determined and passionate to bring glory to God and to put an end to the destruction and tragedy you have placed on too many families!
‘We will never stop searching, fighting, advocating and doing everything in our power to find a cure.’

The family chronicled Bell’s medical battles on their blog[4], writing this about the very end:

Isabella had unwavering faith in the Lord. Her last days were spent happily…smiling and laughing with her sisters. I look back at the last 5 days of her life. She had a peace in her spirit, that makes me believe, she knew she was getting ready to leave us for Heaven. A day and a half before she passed away, out of the blue she said, “Averi.” Which was very unexpected and miraculous because she had a very hard time finding words (although her mind was completely intact) or expressing her thoughts and needs. I remember that day she was also staring out the window of her hospital room, pointing and smiling with a look of awe on her face. It was as though she saw something joyous and spectacular…maybe it was Heaven.


Cody (top), Kylie (middle, left), Averi (middle, right), Olivia (bottom, left) and Isabella (bottom, right). Cody, Averi and Isabella have all died from cancers related to the genetic condition Lynch syndrome

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