This is why you should ALWAYS check the toilet in Australia because this might be in there….

by Rachel Alexander | September 6, 2015 2:55 pm


Snake catcher Elliot Budd was called out to a home in Australia to retrieve a python that had appeared inside a toilet. He said it was one of the biggest ones he’d encountered, about three meters long.[2]

The Daily Mail reports,

As the experienced snake wrangler lent in to touch the enormous serpent, it quickly retreated down through the pipes and into the u-bend of the toilet.

‘He was really big and really strong so when he tensed up and held himself in there I couldn’t physically pull him out.’

With brute strength failing, the volunteer snake catcher asked one of the tradesmen to unbolt the toilet so he could get better angle to leverage the reptile.

‘We lifted the toilet up and was able to get a much better hold of it but he was just in there so tight.’

‘In the end his head was poking out so I just keep pulling until he eventually started sliding out.’
The house backed on to bush land so Mr Budd said he had no problem finding an isolated spot ‘away from people’ where he could release the lengthy reptile.

He said it is likely the carpet python sought refuge in the commode due to the recent bout of hot weather.

‘It is very dry out here so he was probably just looking for a drink,’ Mr Budd said.

‘Around this time of year there isn’t a lot of water around and the snake needs water to shed.’

While some of you would like to consider this as a bizarre but completely isolated event, Mr Budd said a local snake catcher pulled a 2.3 metre snake out of a toilet only two days ago.

Thank goodness there are trained snake catchers who don’t mind doing this kind of work. For most of us, it would be terrifying to pull a huge deadly snake out of a toilet. The question remains, how did the snakes sneak into the toilets in the first place without the owner noticing? Others in Australia really want to know so they can take precautions.

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