This Reporter Asked Bono About Jesus And He Probably Didn’t Expect This Answer

by Rachel Alexander | May 10, 2015 12:20 pm

Bono[1]There is something incredibly powerful about one of the coolest, most talented rock artists of all time eloquently proclaiming his faith. Even better when he talks circles around some skeptical reporter.[2]

QPolitical reports,

U2 frontman, Bono, has to be one of the most instantly recognizable faces on the planet. His image has been beamed around the globe since his band found fame in 1976.

Bono and his band has always had a connection to Christianity. The band was born out of a strong religious movement in Ireland when they formed, and the themes of Faith, God, and Christ have always woven themselves into Bono’s lyrics.

Educated liberal elite find these sentiments particularly irksome. They can’t believe someone who has created great art REALLY believes in Jesus Christ.

It’s really inspiring to hear Bono in this interview talk about praying and attending church with his family, discussing how “it’s just a bunch of us on the bed,” praying. At one point, the reporter tries to pin him down on only believing in God, but Bono clarifies it is Jesus that leads him to God. He concludes, “I find it hard to accept, that millions and millions of lives, half the earth, for 2,000 years, have been touched, have felt their lives touched, and inspired by some ‘nutter.'” Watch the incredible exchange below; if you liked Bono before, you will love him now (turn your speakers way up).

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  2. Even better when he talks circles around some skeptical reporter.:

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