This Tornado Video From Last Week Is The Freakiest Thing You’ll See Today

by Jennifer Van Laar | May 11, 2015 12:38 pm

Any time there is a tornado outbreak covered on the news, witnesses will say something like “It sounded like a freight train coming right at me!” Well, Chris Mance of Norman, Oklahoma verified that last week[1] when a tornado roared through his town.


As the tornado began to get near, residents could hear what sounded like a train charging forward. Here’s what Mance saw from inside the shelter. This is scary enough:


But then pieces of the landscape start flying at the camera:


And lightning starts ripping open the sky:


KFOR reports that while no one was hurt, the devastation to the area from flooding was considerable:


Many came home to piles of rubble:


Fortunately Mance made it through physically unharmed. But as his video shows, there were definitely terrifying moments.

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