This Week In Quotes: June 19 – June 25

by John Hawkins | June 26, 2009 8:58 am

“Moreover, if the better part of valor is for America to stand neutral between freedom and Islamic oppression, why are liberals trying to credit Obama’s ridiculous Cairo speech for emboldening the Iranian protesters?

The only reason that bald contradiction doesn’t smack you in the face is that it is utterly preposterous that Obama’s Cairo speech accomplished anything — anything worthwhile, that is. Not even the people who say that believe it.

The only reaction to Obama’s Cairo speech in the Middle East is that the mullahs probably sighed in relief upon discovering that the U.S. president is a coward and an imbecile.” — Ann Coulter[1]

Right now, people are risking their lives for the glimmer of freedom, and Tony Hawk is in the White House tweeting about Frosted Flakes. Someone please dig up Reagan. I’d take a dead leader with balls over a living camp counselor who wants all the cool kids to like him. — Greg Gutfeld[2]

“It is neither caricature nor reductionism to suggest that the degree to which a country has expressed past hostility to the United States, the more it wins attention and apology from Barack Obama. In contrast, to the degree a country is constitutional and pro-American, the more likely it will be either ignored by Obama or its internal affairs “meddled” with. Cf. the case with Iran, Venezuela, the West Bankers, Russia, etc. In contrast, woe to Israel! (And Iraq too). — Victor Davis Hanson[3]

If the reports of violence that are now starting to come out are true and the regime holds onto power, how can Obama negotiate with them? It was horrible what George H.W. Bush did after the Tienanmen Square killings but we had an existing relationship with China (and an important one). We don’t have any official relations with Iran now, how can Obama start them in the aftermath of this? He can say talks are not a reward for changing behavior but that’s exactly how it will look in the aftermath of a bloodbath.

That’s why his ‘cool’ rhetoric was so tone deaf…if the regime hangs on through force you can’t talk to them and if it doesn’t, you did nothing to help the winners. By bitterly clinging to his fantasy of talking the theocracy out of nukes, Obama boxed us into a corner where we can’t win. — DrewM[4]

“Men are retarded and women are complicated.” — Michelle Oddis

Humans have not destroyed the planet; we have humanised it, turning what without us would be another pointless planet orbiting the sun into a place of abundance, community, exploration. We don’t need to rein in the “human footprint” but rather stamp it even more indelibly on our planet, and in the future, on other planets too. — Brendan O’Neill[5]

Really, Mrs. Sanford, just shoot the two-timing son of a b*tch. Please. No jury in South Carolina would ever convict you. While you’re at it, go ahead and shoot that worthless son of a bitch Lindsey Graham — another guaranteed mistrial, because there would be at least one jury member who’d figure Lindsey needed killing. — The Other McCain[6]

Not content to tempt political fate by imposing huge carbon taxes on the American middle class, Democrats have added a provision which imposes stiff tariffs on our trading partners if they don’t adopt aggressive carbon restrictions of their own.

You heard correctly: progressives have authored a bill that earns the mortal enmity of domestic energy consumers and our most crucial trading partners at the same time. Economy-killing climate policies and a trade war — together at last! — Patrick J. Michaels & Sallie James[7]

One of the things that annoys me the most about Obama is how easily he lies. One of the things that annoys me about the media is the way they enable him to get away with it. — Burt Prelutsky[8]

Remember: Under a Republican President, whistleblowers are brave heroes, standing up for accountability and the rule of law. Under a Democratic President, they’re deranged partisans. — Glenn Reynolds[9]

“The burqa is not a religious sign, it’s a sign of subservience, a sign of debasement.” — Nicolas Sarkozy[10]

I welcome death, I welcome death, But not subjugation, But Not subjugation. — Supposedly chanted by the protesters in Iran[11]

When mainstream columnists treat a small group of unconnected crimes as a “pattern” of “rising right-wing violence,” their thesis bears more than a little resemblance to the conspiracy theories of the fringe figures they oppose. — Jesse Walker[12]

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