Thought Of The Day: How To Judge The Effectiveness Of The GOP For The Next Four Years

From Michelle Malkin,

Since when did it become the Republican Party’s top priority to “get things done”? It was as annoying a campaign platitude when John McCain adopted it as it is now coming from Obama’s lips.

History has shown us that “Get Things Done” is mindless liberal code for passing ineffective legislation and expanding government for government’s sake. “Reaching across the political aisle” and “putting politics aside” always entail selling out the right and putting conservative principles aside. How about preventing the damage done by Democratic meddlers trying to get their “things done”? How about getting more things undone?

Let me just add that a Congress which passed no new laws while repealing 500 pieces of legislation and regulation would be a hundred times better for the country than a Congress that added a hundred new pieces of legislation and regulation — and that’s doubly true with the Democrats in charge. That’s why the effectiveness of the Republican Party in Congress, for at least the next four years, will be judged not by what passes, but by what they prevent from passing.

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