THROW DOWN! Trump Campaign Manager, Kellyanne Conway VS Joy Behar On ‘The View’ [VIDEO]

THROW DOWN! Trump Campaign Manager, Kellyanne Conway VS Joy Behar On ‘The View’ [VIDEO]

I don’t know of anyone who actually watches “The View” unironically. I mean, who wants to watch a bunch of screechy hags groan on about celebrities and wrinkle creams, or whatever it is they talk about?

And then they take it upon themselves to talk about politics, when they really shouldn’t. Don’t get me wrong, everyone is entitled to their opinions, but when your opinions include calling everyone else uneducated rednecks, you really don’t have much of an intellectual argument going on.


When a conservative or Republican goes onto The View to discuss politics, it usually ends up in the shouting match cut short by several merciful minutes of commercials.

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So, when Kellyanne Conway ventured into the lion’s den for Lord knows what reason, it was pretty much decided that it was going to be a testy interview.

Of course, it doesn’t help when the host keeps interrupting what you’re saying because she either doesn’t understand or doesn’t appreciate your answer to her questions.

Watch the full clip below:

They’re going for the age-old liberal tactic of, “If you don’t like what your opponent is saying, just talk over them!”

Why any self-respecting person would go onto a show where they know they are going to get yelled at no matter what, I couldn’t tell you. However, I respect Conway for doing so, because she managed to show those “ladies” for who they really are; self-righteous, disrespectful cows.

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