Thugs Tried To Ruin A Marine’s Funeral, Watch These Bikers Set Em’ Straight

by John Brodgian | May 28, 2015 7:31 am

Pay attention liberals, because the thugs[1] in this case are the Westboro Baptists. See, it’s not a racial thing.


Why or how you could claim to be a “Christian” while shouting, confronting, and screaming throughout a grieving family’s memorial service for their fallen patriot, we will never know. How in the world is this Biblical– or even logical?

But thank God, a group of unlikely heroes has risen from the dust. The Patriot Guard has made it their personal mission to protect the families of our fallen men and women of service. Bikers by the hundreds (many of them veterans themselves) go to the funerals to form a shield between the hateful protestors and grieving families. Their actions display their loyal devotion to the brave men and women of America.

Watch below. Thank God for the Patriot Guard!

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