Time to PANIC: The media elites feel ‘shiver up the spine’ and it’s NOT good…

by McIntosh | September 11, 2016 2:11 am

If you haven’t heard, the media elites are losing their heads as Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign seems to be doing everything except improving…in fact, they see it imploding before their very biased and hypocritical[1] eyes.

What a joy!


Kenneth R. Timmerman, a contributor for “The Hill,” just published an article on Friday titled “The media elites feel that shiver up the spine — and it’s not victory”[3]. It was a very detailed piece that laid out plainly the meltdown mode the Clinton camp is going through right now.

The range of mudslinging and laser eye staring went from blaming the weasel Matt Lauer for his interview with Hillary at the Commander-in-Chief forum in which she carried through horribly (seems to be a problem with the candidate more so than the interviewer) all the way to her pitiably and flat out shameful deflecting of softball questions from her very own handpicked press reporters aboard her very own plane.

Hillary’s handlers and her ‘friends’ in the media are in a full fledged panic mode. Let’s be real. The media HATES Hillary. They like Bill, not Hillary…but one thing they ALL agree on – they are terrified of Trump and they are willing to go along with Hillary, just until Trump is no longer a threat. As soon as November is over, they are going to go after Hillary…but it seems the national polls are leveling out, with some leaning towards Trump.


The media watched in horror as she sparred unsuccessfully over her issue with a Clinton Global Initiative member and NBC morning news anchor Matt Lauer during Wednesday night’s national security forum, and blasted Lauer for her poor performance on the subject.

There is still plenty of time left and room left to fail for Hillary, but the same can be said for Trump as well. Right now America and the media are not watching to see who can push forward in the polls…but rather to see who can NOT screw themselves lower in them.

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