To Befriend A Jew, Is To Sign Your Deathwarrent

by John Hawkins | September 10, 2002 2:11 am

To Befriend A Jew, Is To Sign Your Deathwarrent:[1] It’s been a while since I headed over to the Stormfront[2] forums to see what the Nazis, skinheads, and white power fanatics were up to. Much to my surprise, the entire forum had completely reformed and had become a model of racial tolerance and harmony…not. Actually, they were the same bunch of racist hatemongers that they always were. While I didn’t run across any threads talking about what a fantastic guy Hitler was this time, there was as per usual more racist propaganda than you can shake a stick at. So prepare yourself for the latest hate-filled and scary edition of A.C.P.O.T.I….

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