TOLERANCE? “Peaceful” Hillary Supporters Beat Down Trump-Supporter For Voting VIDEO

by Alexandria Willis | November 10, 2016 2:45 pm


The election has, I think, brought more turmoil and violence[2] than any election in our lifetimes. While many were deeply upset that Barack Obama won in 2004 and then again in the subsequent election, it was not like this. Both sides are going insane. The victimizing is out of control. The left wing is claiming that hate has won the election. While the right is begging for them to see how big of a scope this vote was.

But the concept of respecting those with differing opinions is completely irrelevant right now. And it is turning violent. The video below is truly disturbing. It is evidence of the hate that is truly winning right now. I can’t understand how this is justified. Two men beat an elderly man while their female accomplice goes through the man’s car.

What disturbs me the most is the woman happily recording the horrible violence. She laughs and shouts at the man, taunting him for voting for Trump.

“Beat his ass! Don’t vote Trump! Don’t vote Trump!”

And they are saying that hate won????? They are saying that racism won? They are saying that violence won?

Because it looks to me like the other side is filled with those things. It is honestly nauseating to watch it unfold. But as terrible as it is, there is real danger in this. If we use this situation as a blanket representation for Hillary supporters, for liberals, for African-Americans, for left-wing, then we are feeding the problem.

Is this horrific? Absolutely! But if we view all Democrats the same, we are just as bad as the Liberals saying that hate won this election.

Are there Trump supporters who are abhorrent to me? Absolutely. But do they define Donald Trump, his party or his presidency? Absolutely not.

This hate has to end. And it can only end with you.

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