Tom Arnold claims he has a tape of Trump ‘saying the N-word’ in Apprentice outtakes

Tom Arnold claims he has a tape of Trump ‘saying the N-word’ in Apprentice outtakes


Tom Arnold is a comedian who is a close acquaintance of Donald Trump. He made a handful of very hefty claims in the last year concerning Donald Trump. He made the claim again during an interview on KIRO Radio on Friday.

He has said multiple times that some of the people who work on The Apprentice sent him a video not long before the election. Within the show was material that blatantly showed Donald Trump saying ‘every offensive, racist thing ever’.

Offensive language claimed to be held within the clip included ‘n*****’, ‘c***’ and retard. It is said that he is using the last slang to refer to his own son, although it does not specify which son he is referencing.

Arnold says the people who made the clip originally chose not to release it to the public because they believed that Donald Trump had absolutely no chance of winning. But later they said it had more to do with the five million dollar fine they would have been assigned for breaking their contract and sharing the clips.

Vanity Fair did an article on the situation and the clip that never surfaced.

The article reads: ‘Two days before the election, one entertainment executive with ties to Clinton contacted someone in the industry who had said he had a copy of a tape depicting Trump that could create problems for the then candidate.
‘Would this person be willing to pass him the footage to give to the Clinton campaign? Since the latest poll numbers indicated it was clear Clinton would win the election—likely in a landslide—this person didn’t want to risk it.’

Does the clip even exist? Frankly, it would not surprise me if the claims were true. But come on, a leaked video? How bad can it be? The DNC knows all about leaked materials…. don’t they?

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